The Missionary Catechist 35 Number 9 Victory-Noll, Huntington, Indiana, October, 1959


The Missionary Catechist 35 Number 9 Victory-Noll, Huntington, Indiana, October, 1959


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Sister Mary Bernarda; Trujillo, Teresa; Smith, Lily Ann; Gonzales, Sandra; Sister Eileen Therese; Sister Janet Marie; Sister Rita Louise; Gilmore, Sister Rose Frances; Rios, Sister Concepcion; Rausch, Sister Judith; Michels, Sister Leonora; DeLeon, Sister Berniece; Sijota, Sister Dominic; sister Mary Imelda; Arnold, Sister Sharon; Renteria, Sister Ramona; Murphy, Sister Dennis Rose; Perea, Sister Maria Carmen; Winzenburg, Sister Francis Anne; Sister Mary Colette; Sister Anthony; Sister Anna; Sister Mary Edna; Estrada, Robert; Sister Mary Consuelo; Mendez, Ofelia; Almarez, Charles; Busche, Rita; Gouy, Marie; Sister Helen; Krome, Karen; Gouy, Margaret; Krome, Jeanine; Sister Marguerite; Willenborg, Loretto; Sister Blanche Marie; Hanekamp, Eleanor; Wissel, Mrs. Helen; Krome, Mrs. Marie; Krome, Mary Beth; Sister Jacinta; Sister DeMontfort; Sister Angline


A twenty-four page newsletter created by the Missionary Catechist describing the work of the Our Lady of Victory Missionary (OLVM) Sisters, Victory Noll, Huntington, Indiana, October, 1959.


The Missionary Catechist Publishing Company




Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters




Huntington, Indiana; Huntington County; United States*|*Southwest; United States

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