The Missionary Catechist 24 Number 11 Victory-Noll, Huntington, Indiana, November, 1948


The Missionary Catechist 24 Number 11 Victory-Noll, Huntington, Indiana, November, 1948


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Spencer, Sister Aquina; Gerken, Sister Dolores Ann; Schatz, Sister Marilyn; Wilke, Sister Prescilla; Farley, Sister Carmela; Stage, Sister Benedict; Middendorf, Sister Marie Therese; Manternech, Sister Jerome; Kerr, Sister Dennis; Kuntz, Sister Andres; Ortega, Sister Carol; Kinney, Sister Mary Bridget; McIntyre, Sister Marie; Minella, Sister Mary James; Riga, Sister Jean Clare; Bill, Sister Alma Marie; Fortier, Sister Mary Paula; Kirkessner, Sister Anthony; Snyder, Sister Rita Marie; Massaro, Sister Adele; Kelley, Sister Mary Joachim; Evans, Sister Mary Martin; McGarry, Sister Francisca; Heugel, Sister Mary Lucille; Palmer, Sister Angela; Cholewinski, Sister Mary Jane; Witt, Sister Barbara Marie; Stadler, Sister Germaine; Merkowsky, Sister Mary Francene; Masters, Sister Lorraine; Garbacz, Sister Mary Jeanette; Larkin, Father; Sister Margaret Mary; Sister Mark; McCloskey, Maureen; McDermott, Jeanne; Dolan, Margie; McCloskey, Kathleen; Dolan, Kathleen; Anderson, Crystal; Anderson, Karen; Scott, Marie; Emerson, Mary Kay; Simon, Margaret; Palasz, Maryanne; Balderacchi, Marie


A twenty page newsletter created by the Missionary Catechist describing the work of the Our Lady of Victory Missionary (OLVM) Sisters, Victory Noll, Huntington, Indiana, November, 1948.


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Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters






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