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catechists wagon551.jpg
Hitching a ride in the back of the wagon is a method of transportation the Catechists used to get around.

CSMC403_catechist buckboards 1920s479.jpg
Catechists with horse and buckboard


CSMC407_bus catechist students405.jpg
Catechists with students on the bus

CSMC406_bus catechist404.jpg
A bus utilized by the Missionary Catechists.


CSMC401_catechists horse buggy391.jpg
The Catechists with a horse and buggy.

21_Alberquerque railroad426.jpg
The Albuquerque, New Mexico railroad station

GS_Christmas at Watrous NM1920s528.jpg
Catechist distributing Christmas present to a student.

GS_Catechist home & class in Watrous NM 1920ss533.jpg
This is the Catechists' residence in Watrous, New Mexico.

GS_church in Watrous NM 1920s535.jpg
This is Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Watrous, New Mexico.

89_altar boys at Watrous NM 1920s461.jpg
Altar boys outside of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Watrous, New Mexico.
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